Mind Maps

This area contains some of my research in the form of "Mind Maps" a technique which is supposed to allow the visualisation of connected information.  I am using mind maps to hold information I have gathered from various sources regarding a subject in one place rather than on scattered print-outs and bits of paper.

This page allows me to share them in a form close to the original.   The pages use Adobe Flash animation - examine them by dragging the page around, clicking on the objects that have a small circle on the end and using the controls at the top of the page.   If things don't work it may be that your browser doesn't support Flash or it had been disabled on your machine.

I would welcome feedback on how useful you would find a tool like this, if you want to know more please contact me by email using the address on my Contact Me page.


  1. The Calverts of Cockerham
  2. The Fieldens of Tottleworth
  3. The Furneaux Pelham Papers - some research into a Hertfordshire family and possible connections to Calverts of Walton-le-Dale
  4. Wills - Some of my notes when preparing a talk on the subject to a local Family History Group
  5. Wow - that was interesting , take me to your Home Page.
None of the above should be considered as completed research, I have included them to indicate the capabilities of mindmaps when conducting research.

The software I use is called Freemind and as its name suggests it comes at my favourite price - free.
That's all for now. I'll add some more as they take shape.

Bob Calvert
1 Nov 2011