Locations and farms not mapped

A number of locations shown in censuses have not yet been identified against available maps.   It is possible to approximate their locations based on the order of census data.

This list based on the 1841, 1851 & 1861 censuses is intended to assist in understanding these "stray" locations.

Gamers GateBetween Park Farm and New Barn in 1861, between New Barn and Harwood Bar in 1851.  On occasions referred to as "Gamels Gate".   According to the Victoria County History  Gamelsgate is the highway between Whalley & Accrington.
New FieldBetween Bostons and Spring House in 1861; between Spring House and Smalley Thorn in 1851.
Rowler DeanBetween School Lands and Dean Top (Dean Head)in 1861; not in 1841 or 1851 census
Well SpringsBetween Bradley Hall and Banks (Whalley Banks) in 1861; between Bowley and Sunny Bank in 1851 and, with "Smithy Coat", between Whittles and Bowley in 1841.   Wellsprings has now been located and included on the map.
ShirtleyBetween Bradley Hall and Banks (Whalley Banks) in 1861; not in 1851 census.

Prior to the censuses many farms were often referred to by the name of their tenants or the name of the family who established them.  Some of these names are found in the Parish Records. I have not attempted to identify and map these as yet.

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Robert Calvert
7 April 2008