Benjamin Calvert


From the Preston Chronicle and Lancashire Advertiser, May 8 1847

DEATH FROM DRINKING. — An inquest was held on Thursday last, at the Old Billy, Great Harwood, on view of the body of Benjamin Calvert, aged 54 years.   The deceased was an under gamekeeper for John Lomax, Esq., Clayton Hall.   On Tuesday last it was Mr. Lomax's rent day, which was held at the Lomax Arms, in Great Harwood.   The deceased was there, and he had some drink along with the tenants. It appears that he staid at the public-house until late in the morning, and when he left he was very drunk.   He called at a neighbour's house, who was getting up to go to work.   He staid there a short time and then left to go home, the person going out with him; but the latter left him on the road.   About an hour after this he was found on the road side, close by where he had been last seen.   He was insensible.   He was taken into an adjoining house, and then removed home and a surgeon sent for; but without effect as he died the same evening.   He was much given to liquor.   The jury, after hearing evidence to the above effect, brought in a verdict of "Died from excessive drinking."

Benjamin was the father of Mary Calvert who was transported to Tasmania,  see Mary Calvert's Story.

The newspaper report shows him as 54 at death while the Parish records show the burial as   Benjamin Calvert, Lowerfold, 09/05/1847 age 60.  Despite this I think both refer to the same person as the PRs show a burial 9 May and the newspaper dated 8 May (a Saturday) refers to an inquest "Thursday last" (May 6th) so burial on the 9th is about right.   His death would thus have been on the day following the rent day i.e. Wednesday 5 May.

Bob Calvert
November 2011