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This page is where I will put any books I have produced which may not be available from other sources.   In general they will have their origins in publicly available books which I originally formatted for my own reading pleasure.  

Lancashire Humour by Thomas Newbiggin

Written by Thomas Newbiggin around 1900 the original book was illustrated by J Ayton Symington.   I have not included the illustrations as my main interest is in the stories themselves.    Although dialect is used, to quote the Author "Readers outside of the County Palatine will not have any difficulty in perusing the stories. The dialect in each has been so modified as to admit of its being readily understood by every intelligent reader".   Newbiggin concentrates on the Rossendale area and although the Title is Lancashire Humour he also strays across the border into the West Riding of Yorkshire.

This Ebook was produced from a 1901 edition published by Dent which had been scanned and OCR'd by Archive.org.   Although much reformatting was needed the text was surprisingly good for a work containing dialect.

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Bob Calvert
4 Febuary 2012