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I did put together a Guestbook but for some reason it proved unreliable. It used a script written in PERL and resided on my ISP. I debugged it and it worked fine. About a year later I checked that it was working and it wasn't. I hadn't changed anything on the server and all the folder permissions seemed right so I decided to abandon this route, which probably had more to do with my determination to prove that I could program in PERL than the need to get feedback.

So now all I ask is that if you want to send me any feedback or tell me of anything that you think I have got wrong in these pages then send me an email to the following address :

e-mail address

As I don't want spammers to be able to automatically harvest my email address I have supplied it as an image, so you won't be able to cut-and-paste it into your email program, you need to write it down and type it in yourself.

Work on the site will be sporadic, dependant on when I discover more details about the families concerned. If you want to know if anything has changed that you are interested in then check the site history page - I'll try to make future additions to this more informative and specific where the family histories are concerned.

26 December 2006